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Blood Ink Glyphs is a game prototype for Android platforms made during a student game design class where the objective was to produce an authentic gameplay. The theme was "Label[i] mage de marque" (meaning Label[i] brand magician or the beautiful brand image)

We hope you'll enjoy our game and every feedback are appreciated !


In Blood Ink Glyphs, you play as a member of a demons tribe which have been ostracized by wizards for a while. Wishing to restore the reputation of your clan, you will have to rise against the wizards, and use your demonic powers to regain control of the ancient territory of your fellows.

To do this, you have an ancient technique of your clan, which allows you to weaken an enemy by drawing different glyphs on its body. However, be careful, because it is with your blood that you draw these symbols, and it would be unfortunate if you ran out of them…


  • To activate a glyph and weaken an enemy, you need to draw an element symbol first, then a type symbol. If the wizard interrupt your drawing, you need to redraw the glyph since the element symbol.
  • The only boss in this prototype is an ice wizard, which means he is weak against fire...
  • The Corruption glyph is a type symbol, but it can be drawn alone, and it is used to get back some blood points.


  • Draw glyphs.
  • Fight against wizards .
  • Conquer territories.
  • Several wizard skins, wizard  behaviours and different boss fights

Install instructions

Download the apk and install it on your android phone or on an emulator (NoxPlayer, MEmu, BlueStacks, ...)


Blood Ink Glyphs.apk 108 MB

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