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"How to make passes on a spacious wasteland while some obstacles randomly appear"

or how to make a title long enough to explain (in theory) the whole concept of the game.


========== Pitch ==========
A Yeti and a Dragon have are playing with a ball in a spacious wasteland ... Suddenly obstacles start to appear randomly !

It's therefore for our two players, each controlling one of the protagonists to making pass while avoiding obstacles ! 

 pass increases a common score, the goal being to score the highest score possible.

========== Theme report ==========
The map on which game start is spacious because it allows both players to move without restriction. At first there are no obstacles ! Then, as obstacles begin to spawn, players must use the space they have to make passes without hitting obstacles and without stepping into deadly trap.

You must react quickly in a map less and less spacious ... Good luck and have fun !

========== Team ==========

  • Julien ANDRAL - Programmer
  • Chloé BORGNET - 2D Artist
  • Thomas GHIZZARDI - Programmer
  • Timothy MARTIN-VIGIER - Game Designer
  • Damien THIBAULT -  2D Artist


WindowsNoEditor.rar 72 MB

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