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Sable is an Unity game made during the JamCraft 3. The objective was to create a game with craft, cook, and fuse features, and the optional theme was dark.

We hope you'll enjoy our game and every feedback are appreciated !


You are a young merchant who just arrived in an arid country to make money.

You came here because you heard about strange items, the Artifacts of Sable, which make some resources appear by magic. 

You can not sell these resources because the merchants would want to know from where they come, but you can use them to create some marketable products.


  • Deplacement -> Z, Q, S, D  or , W, A, S, D  or arrow keys
  • Interaction -> F
  • Inventory -> I
  • Quit an UI -> Escape
  • Quit the game  -> F10


  • 3D Exploration
  • Tutorial
  • Open chest & crate to collect resources
  • Blind craft system
  • Merchant (Sell)
  • Black Market (Buy)
  • Altar (Call crate with artifacts)


  • Kojesma - Level Designer
  • Version 4.0 - Game Designer / 2D Artist 
  • Spectrall - Programmer


Sable.zip 124 MB

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