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Wooed has been created during the Global Game Jam 2019 ("What home means to you")


Wooed takes place in a living world where the player is free to do whatever he wants. Build and develop your own faction, depending on your vision of "home":

  • "Home" means a lot of comrades? Meet other people and woo them to make them join you. 
  • "Home" means an extended territory? Go to war against other factions and kill everybody you'll see.
  • "Home" only means you? Just travel over the world and watch how other nations live.
  • Alexandre  B  - Programmer
  • Dylan  C  - Programmer 
  • Thomas  GHIZZARDI  - Programmer 
  • Tim  MARTIN-VIGIER  - Project Manager / Game Designer 
  • Yvan  P  - Game Designer / 2D Artist 
  • Pierre  T  - Game Designer / Level Designer 
  • Gabriel  W  - Musician

Install instructions

Unzip and play !


Wooed.zip 101 MB

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